I have not updated about my daughter’s life in far too long!

The fact that Ella said the word No for the first time ever today sort of got me thinking about how much I need to be storing away for memories on this blog.

We have been very busy, Ella and I are actually moving out in less than a week! I’ll be honest I’m pretty terrified. It’s with another lovely mother of a 3 month old.

Ella and I both seem to have had about 93802883 different sicknesses over the past weeks, and still can’t seem to shake the remnants of this cold. The amount of school work I’ve been struggling to submit is just mental I’ll be honest I really think life just needs a pause button…

Ella has been saying bye, and understanding a lot more. She realises even more so when people are gone. She misses her dad when we are at home, she stands out at the gate yelling “Dad, dada, Daaaadddyyy!!!” as adorable as she is saying it I think it will be wonderful when we can see him more in this new townhouse. She has a frustrating obsession with tipping out the contents of whatever is in her bottle which usually ends pretty sticky!

My head is so overloaded with thoughts right now I could write forever but it wouldn’t be what I’d like to share to the world, if the world so happens to be reading. 

I need to get organised and get a routine for Ella then maybe we will both be healthy and happy again…


The GG’s

Ella’s great grandparents are in town! (My mums parents)
Grandma wants Ella to call her GG and I think grandpa will just be pop. But it’s not important until she can pick! 🙂

It’s going to be a busy week, lots of vegan dinners and dinner out.


My daughter is actually a Beautiful devilish Princess

I never thought I’d have a perfect child because no child and no person is perfect, right?


Dead wrong.

I mean if you are a mother your child will always be perfect, like no matter what and you know it! No matter what the little human that you made does, they stay perfect in your eyes (And that’s how they get you 😉

Even though Ella is only one, she isn’t an angel, it feels like she’s part devil sometimes. She drive me to exhaustion, embarrassment, anger almost daily. This doesn’t mean that I yell at her. She just does a lot of really inconvenient things, I am very bias but she is very intelligent I just know she is. She will be out smarting me be 5 I’m sure. She does already an it’s difficult. But that’s ok because I’m enjoying my daughter and she is absolutely amazing to me.



Blogging again! Finally..

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and really annoyed I haven’t been writing about Ella because she’s now 1! Everything had just been crazy busy all the time.. Like assignments and birthday party and holidays with her daddy! But I will be trying to keep more up to date about my monster!
Ella has been doing heaps of awesome things.
I’m just going to randomly list things because I don’t know where to start!
She will not stay still, wherever we go she has to run to the most dangerous/far away place..
2 days ago she did the cutest thing in the car, when I went to get her out she had a blanket on her.
So I asked mum if she put it there, and apparently Ella did! Perfectly over her legs not on her shoes or anything.
She’s so smart. (In my opinion!)
She still loves playing in water but its a bit too cold to take her to the pool.

We have been spending a lot more time with Ella’s dad over the school holidays, he can finally see more of his tiny little exhausting daughter! We have been getting along really well too.


My Kindergarten Work Experiance

Incase it wasn’t obvious, I couldn’t catch a still shot!

It was my first day today volunteering at the kindergarten I used to go to.
I am in with the 2-3 year olds.
It was heaps of fun, I came in after nap time, helped them put their shoes on supervised them eating lunch. Then the hats went on and it was playtime (this is where the fun happens).

I was being asked to do everything by busy little kids! All the other ages come out to play to so of course I got to engage with all different age groups. Which I think is really good for me to learn what I have to look forward too..
I’m going to make sure Ella knows how to share, for sure!
This was a big thing I learnt, if one little girl couldn’t have the others toy pram they would ask me.. And if the little girl with the pram didn’t share the other would get sad. Oh the lives they lead. So adorable..
And the 4 year olds didn’t know how to take turns and wouldn’t really listen to me.. But they had fun! Which is the most important thing.

Anyway I really enjoyed escaping into the mind of a child again, I missed playing imaginary games and stuff. I had a wonderful day and remember so many names, as much as I hate having to miss my amazing daughter for 3 hours.. I can’t wait to go back Wednesday.

Also if your wondering about the un related shots of Ella.. We went shopping after work and these were the only photos I have from today, an I love photos of my beautiful girl so Ba Bam!